The Buzz  is a dance and fitness studio located in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

We merge our passion for dance and fitness in one buzzing spot where you can have them all. We believe dance is an art that no one could live without, fitness is a lifestyle that everyone should enjoy.

We offer the world’s most popular dance infused fitness classes for all levels, increase strength, cardio level, flexibility and power. Build the dancer’s body you always wanted while having fun! If you are buzzing for a certain style, try our professional dance classes and fitness training to improve the techniques and explore your full potential.

We offer a wide range of group classes, BootyBarre, Pound, Zumba, Latin, HipHop, Jazz, Contemporary, Yoga, HIIT and Buzz Core.

Private sessions are also available.

Check out our classes and join us today! You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.



   Doesn’t  matter whether  you enjoy small pulses or big kicks. Keep going. Never stop.

Salsa dance classes in Melbourne



Be in love. In love with the world, in love with life, in love with yourself.

Salsa dance classes in Melbourne
Salsa dance classes in Melbourne



 Forget about the whole world for one second. Have a big laugh and enjoy yourself.

Salsa dance classes in Melbourne



Push harder, go deeper and never ever give up without trying 100%.

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You ARE the next ONE!


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