To support the changes we are going through ATM, apart from current Standard Membership, The Buzz dance and fitness will provide Online Live Class Membership, we will run classes in studio as well as online with live streaming, so you can get out of your home office chair and dance with us in your living room! We will instruct you during each class just like normal, so please keep communicating or yelling (as well as dressing properly).

Here are what you have to do to start your online live class:

Step 1: Please download the app Zoom and create your own account, we will run the online class through Zoom.

Step 2: Please Book the ONLINE option of classes, once you have booked the class, we will invite you to live by sending you meeting number and password, if you have missed the booking slot, please contact us.

Step 3: Start sweating and having fun!

Online classes ONLY.
Home equipment like chairs, couch, table, resistance bands, yoga mat or bottle weights will be needed for some classes.  
Please remember to book and cancel the classes as per normal. Same day booking must be made before 4pm, or contact to book.